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CompTIA RFID+ベータ試験合格

アメリカのIT業界団体CompTIAが、主にSlap and Shipを対象としたエンジニア認定資格RFID+の試験の提供を開始した。RFID Journal LIVE!でもトレーニング会社RFID4Uと提携したセミナーが開催されていた(通常は3日程度のコースを1日に詰め込んだようでかなり駆け足だったそうだが)。この試験の概要については日経ITPro:ICタグ導入の“現場”の知識を測る米国新資格に詳しい。


  • 2.2 Identify reasons for tag failure
  • 9.1 Describe installation and configuration of RFID printer
  • 9.2 Describe ancillary devices/concepts
  • 1.3 Define anti-collision protocols (e.g. number of tags in the field/response time)
    4.2 Given a scenario, select the optimal locations for an RFID tag to be placed on an item
  • 6.1 Given a scenario, describe hardware installation using industry standard practices
  • 6.2 Given a scenario, interpret a site diagram created by a RFID architect describing interrogation zone locations, cable drops device mounting locations
    7.1 Given a scenario, demonstrate how to read blueprints (e.g., whole infrastructure)
  • 1.4 Given a scenario, solve dense interrogator environment issues (domestic/international)
  • 5.1 Given a scenario, predict the performance of a given frequency and power (active/passive) as it relates to: read distance, write distance, tag response time, shortage capacity
  • 7.3 Given a scenario, analyze environmental conditions end-to-end
  • 2.1 Given a scenario, troubleshoot RF interrogation zones (e.g., root-cause analysis)
  • 1.1 Describe interrogator functionality



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